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Neuroscience and public speaking workshop

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Memorize things already passed from fashion and even harmful; is not more say that the results of this type of study are mostly fatal. If you you forget a word you may forget everything else. But don't worry, they exist. many more study techniques that are dynamic, fun and the best thing is that will enhance your learning! In this workshop we will tell you which are the most successful! Thanks to neural structures and a series of chemical and electrical processes produces learning, but, in turn, the learning also changes structures neurons of the brain, in a kind of permanent loop. we will focus on the step by step of this developing. Oratory is the human ability to speak fluidly and, in the best of cases, to do it with the property enough to convince the listener. A activity of vital communicative importance that, despite its decisive influence in competences such as the elaboration of a speech, empathy or self-esteem, among many others, it doesn't always get the attention it deserves. The resource of the word is always present in life education of the students: classes, recesses, outings... But it will also be, in a few years, throughout his entire professional life: meetings, presentations, work and team leadership. Therefore it is of great importance that students are prepared to speak and debate in public, using these skills in an orderly and effective

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