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Instructor in functional training

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Functional training emerges as a rehabilitation mechanism for people who had suffered certain injuries and needed to be able to recover mobility again. loss, and of course speed up the recovery process or phase, to be able to continue performing your tasks at home or at work with less effort (bending over, carrying grocery bags, etc.). Numerous personal trainers and members of the fitness community have adopted this methodology as a training concept. This course is to train instructors who can design functional training circuits, mix aerobic and isometric with isotonic exercises, in order to help people make their daily life a little easier in terms of strength, endurance and flexibility. Physical abilities that, with lifestyle, stress, accidents and other factors are being damaged and that are necessary to have a better quality of life. Boost your reputation, career and clientele by training people of all ages! Offers corrective exercises, cardiovascular activities, and small group workouts. Invest in the life and future of your clients/students... and in you, of course! STARTS NOW!

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