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Instructorado Fitness Kids®

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Fitness KID® FCI is a program advanced that offers programs of development and teaching for children from 2 years to 12 years, contributing to their physical development and mentally, through stimulation motor and musical, with the use of novel methods for self-esteem and leadership stimulation among others. We believe that all children have an internal potential that they are capable of maximize and develop, and through our specialized methodology we encourage to achieve it, in addition Manual Training for Instructors, Fitness Kids FCI motivates work in team, and promotes achieving focus in daily tasks and development of motor skills. We have a learning method adapted for each student. You manage your study times. That means,  that you can take your exam (available on the online platform) or live! when you are ready for the course to end for you. You have classes once a week live individually coordinating with the teacher day and time. You also access our content on the interactive platform and app....Videos, pdf...etc as part of the content. With our adapted learning system, you can enter on days and hours that best suit you! Studying at your own time makes learning more optimal!!!

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